Group Life Insurance

Blog written: 20/03/2024  What is Group Life Insurance?  It provides a business’s valued employees with a ‘death in service’ benefit. If an employee in the scheme dies, a lump sum will be paid to their beneficiaries.  Why should a business consider Group Life Insurance?  What does the business need to do?  The business decides the […]

Charity donations made in lieu of sending Christmas cards 

Blog Written: 01/02/2024  In January 2024, we asked our clients to vote for their favourite charities so we could donate our 2023 Christmas Card budget.  We received 7 votes for worthy causes, and felt it was only fair that we split the money between all 7 charities. We decided to donate £45 to each charity, […]

Met Life Accident Cover 

Blog written 04/01/2024  We are delighted to have access to Met Life’s accidental protection policy called EverydayProtect.   This policy is not suitable for everyone, but it may suit someone that cannot secure other types of protection that we can advise on.  This blog explains some of the key benefits of the Met Life EverydayProtect policy.   […]

2023 Round Up 

Blog written: 18/12/2023  As 2023 draws to a close, we thought it was appropriate that the last blog of the year was about us.  We have worked tirelessly this year to make sure that our client’s complete their mortgage transactions on the very best interest rate. In some cases, this has meant we have changed […]

Later Life Cover Explained  

Blog written 29/11/2023  Life cover isn’t just for younger people to protect their mortgage and/or dependent children. Life cover may also be needed in later in life to provide extra protection when you die. This can help towards funeral costs, inheritance tax or to leave a legacy to your loved ones to support them financially.  […]

Understanding Mortgage Terminology

Blog written 13/11/2023  Here’s a glossary of some of the most common phrases you will hear when taking out a new mortgage.   Understanding Mortgage Terminology, Loan to Value (LTV) This is the percentage of your mortgage loan when compared to the purchase price or value of the property that you are borrowing against. For example, […]

5 things you need to know about home insurance

Blog written 25/10/2023  Home insurance is important, but making sure you have the correct cover is even more vital. The consequences of not having the correct, high-quality cover can be detrimental.   Below are the top 5 things you need to know about home insurance.  5 things you need to know about home insurance The cheapest […]

Things to Remember When Moving into a New House.

Blog written: 12/10/2023   Things to Remember When Moving into a New House. Moving into a new house can be stressful with so many things to do & remember. Here are some items to add to your to-do list that you may not have thought of.  Things to Remember When Moving into a New House. Start […]

Financing Home Improvements

Blog written 14/09/2023  Financing home improvements. Do you dream of extending or improving the layout of your current home or have found a house you would like to buy with huge potential to improve?   We can help you to understand the different mortgage options to finance your project and advise you on which option will […]

Self-Build Mortgages: Build your dream home. 

Blog written 30/08/2023  Build your dream home. Have you always dreamed of building your own home? A self-build mortgage could help your dream become a reality.  We understand that mortgages can be confusing especially with the added complexity of building a house and complying with different regulations & agencies. We can help you to understand […]

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