Met Life Accident Cover 

Blog written 04/01/2024 

We are delighted to have access to Met Life’s accidental protection policy called EverydayProtect.  

This policy is not suitable for everyone, but it may suit someone that cannot secure other types of protection that we can advise on. 

This blog explains some of the key benefits of the Met Life EverydayProtect policy.  

Met Life Accident Cover: Broken Bones 

It pays a lump sum in the event of specific bones being broken* (some categorising as major with a higher pay-out, and some categorising as minor with a lower pay-out).  

*not all bones are covered. 

Met Life Accident Cover: UK Hospital Stays

It pays a lump sum per 24 hour admission to a UK hospital due to an accident. Sickness is also covered after the policy is held for 12 months.  

Met Life Accident Cover: Accidental Permanent Injury 

It pays a lump sum in the event of a specific accidental permanent injury, each type paying out a different amount, for example blindness, deafness, third-degree burns and paralysis of limbs.  

Total Permanent Disablement 

It pays a lump sum in the event of being unable to look after yourself ever again (bodily injury only).  

Accidental Death  

It pays a lump sum in the event of accidental death.  

Non-Accidental Death 

If this event occurs within the first 12 months of the policy period, the policy premiums will be refunded. If the event occurs after the first 12 months it pays a defined lump sum payment.  

Is EverydayProtect expensive?  

There are 5 levels of cover. The higher the level, the higher the monthly premium and the higher the level of benefit you can receive in the event of a successful claim. Met Life have designed their cover this way to ensure that there is an option to suit every budget.  

Why should you choose this cover?  

This policy offers guaranteed acceptance for everyone. It does not require any medical underwriting. This means that no matter what your medical conditions are, if you are struggling to be accepted for other types of cover, you can secure an element of protection with Met Life. 

Important notes 

This policy type is a ‘pure protection’ product and has no cash-in value at any time. If you stop paying the required premiums, the cover will lapse. The plan may have other limitations & exclusions. We will explain the key facts to you before proceeding. 

For more information on this type of cover and for us to advise if this a suitable option for you, please contact us to make an appointment.

The information contained within this blog was correct at the time of publication (04/01/2024), and is subject to change. 



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